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Scroll indicator

Visualize reading progress with small and simple jQuery plugin. Adjust style with CSS or SCSS. Never worry about window resizing. Optional HTML5 progress element. Setup with one line of code.


Basic example

$(window).load(function () {

This will add progress bar to the top of your page.

Remember to include scrollindicator.jquery.js or it's minified version in your project, as well as css style.


You can choose parent element for scroll bar:


In this case it will be helpful to include custom style. Without setting target element in this way, it will be attatched to $("body") element. (See basic example).


$.scrollIndicator({delay: 333, bindResize: false});

Pass options object on initialization


Time in miliseconds between interaction (ex. scroll or resize event) and plugin update.
Default: 100


Support for IE8 and IE9 browsers.
Default: true


Re-calculate values on window.resize event.
Default: true


React to changes in DOM model. Not recommended.
Default: false

Public methods


This will re-calculate slider value. Useful for sites with dynamic content. For now there is only that one useful public method is available.

Planned features

  • Anchor link support